Dr Shadi Hamadeh
Chairman, Department of Animal Science

The Alternative Coop:
A Fact Sheet

What is the Alternative Coop ?

The Alternative Coop is a civil society alternative aiming at promoting sustainable development through community supported initiatives with special emphasis on rural areas, away from the traditional clientelism characterizing the development work in Lebanon (Tribal, Religious and Political submissivenes among others).

It is organized as a cooperative structure in order to involve all its adherents in the different facets of decision making and development agenda, as well as the financing of its activities.

Who can be member of the Alternative Coop ?

Anyone embracing the mission and the vision of the Coop can become a member. Members are expected to contribute in the financing of the projects of the Coop, especially those activities committed to the improvement of the livelihoods of the population in rural areas.

The contributions of the members will be invested in development projects bearing livelihood ramifications and embracing the principles of equitable and fair trade. Members will get returns on their investments within the same equitable and fair principles.

What are the activities and the services of the Alternative Coop ?

The Alternative Coop intends to initiate numerous empowering activities, all geared towards the enhancement and the promotion of cross-cultural and cross-sectarian interaction. Each activity and/or service can potentially blossom into a full-fledged project bearing one or many components. Among the categories of activities/services one can find:

  • Educational : Secular schools, alternative game centers for children, citizenship-fostering courses, ...
  • Social : Support groups, cross-cultural platforms, remote healthy lifestyles, ...
  • Environmental : Responsible rural tourism, sustainable model villages, alternative lifestyle networks,...
  • Cultural : Revival of traditional recipes, alternative cinema, alternative art production,...
  • Legal support

For further information about the Alternative Coop :

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