US citizen Justin Rueb, twice innocent yet twice found guilty!
By Anastasia Hélou

After reading the title one might wonder how a man can be innocent twice, yet still be found guilty. He must have done “something” one might think. And being a U.S citizen makes it harder to believe that a nation that has such high standards and values about freedom, justice and equality, might actually have an innocent man thrown in prison for crimes he did not commit. I mean after all America is trying so hard to give my country total freedom and justice so it is not probable that it is failing in applying these to its own citizens.

America preaches about Democracy and all that comes with it on daily basis throughout the world and makes wars against terrorism in the name of peace, right? Well I hope for your sake that the ultimate dream of an ultimate perfect Nation won’t be shattered by the facts of the following story. What comes next will show you how the United States of America is turning into the United States of Incarceration. You will see how it is a land of wrongful convictions, unequal human rights, torture, abuse of authority, breaking the law, hatred, radicalism, punishments, executions, terror and torture. How judges and officials play semigod roles, how the poor can’t buy justice and can’t protect their constitutional rights, and how Democracy is turning into Dictatorship…

The United States is the world leader in incarceration with 2.3 million plus in prisons and jails. This represents an incarceration rate of 762 per 100,000 US residents, the highest rate in the world.

Five to ten percent of U.S prison population is factually innocent of the crimes of which they were convicted. (Based on the 1996 National Institute of Justice Report) That means as many as 200.000 people are imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. One of whom is my friend, Justin Joseph Rueb.

This is the story of a man who was sent to hell, but not back yet…

Justin Rueb is a man wrongfully convicted not only once but twice of two alleged crimes in two different states by the U.S judicial system. This innocent man has been targeted and victimized over and again by liar cops, racist eyewitnesses, incompetent defense attorneys, overzealous prosecutors, abusive judges, and corrupt judiciary, who all contributed in sending him to prison.

While awaiting trials, Justin was beat, literally tortured both physically and mentally, denied medical care, and starved nearly to death to plead guilty to crimes he did not commit.

Let me give you an idea about some ways of torture Justin endured. In one jail after repeatedly being attacked and beat in his cell by a group of 4 or 5 jail officers, Justin would then be taken to what’s called a “four point restraint room”. In that room he would be placed on the ground facing the ceiling, legs and arms spread open and tied with a chain to a metal ring like an “X” sign. He would be left there for days with no food and water and with no access to toilet. Justin would urinate and defecate on him and left there to soak in his own urine. Later the jail officers would come in to laugh and spit on him.

In another state jail and also while awaiting trial, Justin was placed in a tiny cell for days where he did not know day from night and fed with nearly no food which led him later to start experimenting with wet balls of toilet paper to ease his hunger.

This man has been in solitary confinement for the last eleven and a half years of his life with no end in sight. He has been totally abandoned by his family and the last social visit anyone gave him was almost nine years ago. Until I found him a year and a half ago if he had died it would have made no difference to the rest of the world for no one knew he existed. He would have had just a number on his tomb and buried in the prison cemetery lying there in the cold dirt without having anyone send him not even the warmth of a little prayer…Justin spent his days locked up in that cell 24/7 wondering about the main reason of his living, about the meaning of life in the essence. He is left there to live like a zombie, to lose his humanity and soul in the land of the dead waiting for an event to happen. And that event that us on the outside take for granted, would be when a moth visits his cell and flies around his head and lands on his shoulder…

He’s watching his mind fall apart and I’m barely keeping him hopeful and balanced.

As to the reasons of his confinement, the first alleged crime was a robbery in the state of California. Justin was represented by an incompetent attorney who said she “didn’t have time” to investigate thoroughly the evidence in the case. His resulting conviction carried a sentence of 22 years in prison.

Justin’s attempts to overturn his wrongful conviction were stifled by a manipulative, abusive judge who denied him his lawful right to an evidentiary hearing to PROVE his innocence. Each of California courts that Justin appealed upheld the judge’s decision, violating his legal right to a hearing. The courts could not be bothered to review facts. Bear in mind that Justin is half Black, poor, alone, and essentially had no voice.

The second alleged crime happened in the state of Colorado, where Justin was framed by two corrupt police detectives and a racist store owner who thought that because he was Black, that he possessed stolen computer equipment. When they checked that the computers were not stolen after all, they lied and said he tried to choke them and attacked them! The prosecutor offered Justin a deal, which he refused out of principle. His public attorney never made an opening or closing statements. Justin took 24 years for the conviction.

And it is because of those two detectives’ lies that Justin is currently spending his time since 1996 in solitary confinement.

In 2004 a judge issued that both sentences be run concurrent in California prison, yet because of more games and officials breaking the law, Justin is still physically detained in Colorado prison.

So tell me how much can a man take being continuously deprived of his rights and continuously being played games by the people and officials whose job in the first place is to protect him and his rights and apply the law?

Have I showed racism? Have I showed terror and torture? Have I showed abuse of authority and hatred? Have I showed all that I mentioned in the beginning of the article?

Have I done a good job proving it? Is America still the land of the free and the justice? Are we still talking about this motto “innocent until proven guilty”? Because the way I see it is that men are found immediately guilty because of the color of their skin. I also see that men who cannot “afford” justice cannot get justice. Is prison still about rehabilitation or about punishment? Can we still trust a country that is not protecting the innocent and its own citizens? Let’s reconsider the men with the badges whose main job is to serve and protect because those particular men failed to do so towards my friend and thousands of others. Can we still trust a country that uses torture on its own citizens inside its own prisons everyday?

We listen to American music, smoke American cigarettes, are fascinated by American movies, wear American clothes, drive American cars,…We try to live by American “idealistic” standards yet America breaks its own laws and contradicts its own values every single day.

I will conclude this by saying that the main purpose of this article was to highlight facts about inhumane conditions that happen in a certain country. And that country happened to be the United States of America. I found my friend and I decided to be his voice. And so I’m doing…

Justin Rueb is a man twice wrongfully convicted and in desperate need for help…

To know more about Justin’s case and see the proof of his innocence with your eyes, please check his website

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